Do you have a goal?

Everybody has pain.

Everyone has different needs.

There are a variety of solutions.  Let’s find out what works for you.

Whatever your needs are, be ready for change. I don’t push pills, powders or magic machines. You have to commit to a daily lifestyle change. You’re diet is simply what you eat. It’s not a temporary change.

There are lots of fun ways to train.  One thing is certain, if you are not enjoying yourself you won’t continue.

Whether your goals are injury recovery and return to play, sport specific, pain management, or weight loss; your journey is your own.  We can help navigate the path by providing accessible, simple solutions for your fitness questions.

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The first step to success, is getting started.

What do you want?

What is stopping you?

Are you ready to make a change?

Where ever you go… please notice… There you are.


Next Steps…

If you want RESULTS…

Set specific, goals.

Have a time frame.

Have a way to measure your progress.

Let’s make a plan.

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What makes an Athlete?

Do you need to be paid professionally to chase a ball around a field in order to be considered an athlete?  Do you need to be part of an organized team?  Is special equipment or a rule book required to justify whether you have the heart of a champion?

Or do you suppose being an athlete is all about mindset and physical activity?  Maybe your work is your sport.  If you work 12 hours a day on your feet as a nurse or in construction are you less of a physical specimen because you don’t lift weights in the gym?  If you hike or canoe or shoot a bow and arrow are you less of an athlete than someone that plays in an organized arena?  Age does NOT dictate your athlete status.

Athletes need special care for injuries and chronic pain.  We have completely different needs than a regularly sedentary patient.  Whether you are recovering from surgery, have a chronic condition or you have a performance driven goal, athletes have a completely different needs when it comes to healing.